Altrua Health Share Reviews

Altrua Health Share is a faith based organization where members care for one another through the sharing of medical bills. Altrua is different than some MediShare plans as Altrua Health Share does not prescribe one religious denomination or faith. Altrua limits its membership to those who lead a clean, honorable, and healthy lifestyle.

Some Examples of Altrua Standards

  • Caring for one another
  • Healthy body with proper nutrition
  • No tobacco use, illicit drugs -excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to the body and soul
  • Sexual relations outside marriage is morally wrong. Marriage is a bond between a man and woman only
  • Abortion is wrong, except in a life threatening situation to the mother
  • Physical, mental or emotional abuse of any kind is morally wrong

Like all Health Sharing plans, Altrua Health Share is not health insurance. Altrua is Exempt from individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

Altrua is very clear that some applicants may not be eligible or may have membership limitations due to past or present conditions.

If you have been a member of Altrua Health Share or are currently a member, share you story with us by entering a review below.



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